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You are now at the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line that is the Trade Gateway for Poland. There are over 7,000 pages of information about Polish products, services and other useful information about doing business with Poland. You may access them through the search box just below.

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If You Are Looking For Particular Products Or Services

This chamber gives you the opportunity to contact factories and service companies directly. Avoid the middleman. Get the best prices. This service is free. For information, go to Requests For Polish Products




We are a self supporting NGO (Non Government Organization) that operates a private Chamber of Commerce with no connection to the Polish government. As such you get service from a self supporting Chamber of Commerce that has to respond to customer's needs and provide services needed by the public. We approach business as business people and not government bureaucrats.


Outsourcing Help Center

If you are interested in outsourcing to Poland, visit our Outsourcing Help Center for information. Click For Outsourcing Information


This Chamber provides information only. It neither buys nor sells products from any factory or agent. It does not engage in trade. It provides information about Polish products that are available for export. It also provides educational materials for people interested in starting a business or in establishing buying relationships with Polish companies.

It does not provide market entry services for foreign companies.



QuickLinks For Doing Business In Poland

Catalogs - Price Lists - Contact Factories And Factory Representatives Directly

If you are seeking a particular product or service provided by companies in Poland, or wish to have a Polish company bid on your proposed product, you may do so easily by going to this link.

Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

Here is a special section with Polish products that this Chamber especially recommendeds for gift shops and boutiques.

Polish Factories Are Seeking Wholesale Distributors

In many cases you can make more money as a wholesaler than as a retailer. If you are interested in learning either what it takes to be a wholesaler of Polish Products or to find products to wholesale, go to this link.

Start Your Own Business

This is introductory material about starting a business and our free tutorials that you can use to do your research and get help in making the correct decisions about services to use and products to sell.


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Poland is amber country. It is a great gift item as well as something you can use yourself for amber healing and pain relief..

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The best of Poland's products.

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